The NETWORK Inc. has been helping adults change how they work, play and live healthfully for more than forty years.

Long recognized as one of the nation’s preeminent research and training organizations, we focus our energies on bringing educators and business leaders a growing series of leading edge professional development tools and techniques – our Change Leadership Series of simulation games and consultation services. We seek others committed to helping children and adults learn and flourish in their chosen pursuits.

We have helped tens of thousands of educators (and now business leaders) gain a deeper understanding of the processes, personalities and pitfalls that underlie significant improvement efforts. When educators are bombarded with demands for rapid change but not given the resources needed to do so, the most likely result will be disillusion.

In our work with schools around the world, we rarely find teachers reluctant to consider proven alternatives that will help kids. But school leaders, caught between central office priorities and teachers’ concerns, struggle to find tools and techniques that can help them gain traction on the slippery slopes of reform. And, while the increasing use of high stakes tests forces radical changes in curriculum and instruction, there has been precious little attention given to the support necessary for significant change in daily practice and organizational routines that lead to sustained improvement in student achievement.

Since 1969, The NETWORK has been helping educators committed to improved performance establish a common vocabulary about change within their schools, offer opportunities to try out possible strategies before committing scarce resources, challenge their own and others assumptions about what can be done, and energized school staffs to reach higher and risk more. I invite you to contact us to explore how we might help you make a difference.

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