Improving Student Success

Designed by Dr. Philip Hallinger of Vanderbilt University, Improving Student Success â„¢presents teams with the challenge of raising the achievement level in a prototypic elementary or secondary district. Participant teams: explore more than 40 current, research-based approaches and their cost-effectiveness; develop, employ and see the impact of different school improvement strategies on student performance; and learn how to think strategically about changing conditions for teaching and learning.

Best experienced as part of a facilitated professional development workshop ISS is designed exclusively for schools.

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Designed for installation in a computer lab [PC or Mac with Windows virtualization], it provides a group leader with everything needed to conduct an engaging and provocative learning experience for both practicing educators and aspiring leaders. Teams playing Improving Student Success in their computer lab receive an allotment of money and time/energy at the start of each of three years of play. The simulation gives them the chance to review ten typical approaches to significant improvement and a total of forty-two particular strategies. Each strategy they consider carries a cost in time and money and, based on research findings, contributes [or not] a specified amount of achievement gain. There are multiple paths to success, some of which yield synergy and accelerate achievement gain. Used in concert with either Making Change Happen or Systems Thinking, Systems Changing, Improving Student Success arms school leaders with a terrific one-two punch of vital professional knowledge delivered in formats that add interactive fun to a powerful learning experience.